The State of .NET (.NET Conf Day 3 Keynote)

Play The State of .NET (.NET Conf Day 3 Keynote)

The Discussion

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    Scott Hewison

    Hi, thank you for this great session. I've closely followed most of the sessions over the past 3 days. I was particularly interested in your comment about teaching c# and .Net. At Intersect University I feel like the lone evangelist trying to promote c# and .Net education. Our institution teaches nothing but c# .Net. If you want someone on your side in this battle to turn students in the direction of .Net please visit our web site or feel free to contact me directly. We're small, but we're starting to make an impact.

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    Great talk, thanks Lesser Scott. Is that camera hue uncalibrated, or is that vacation red?

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    Dcuccia - LOL probably a little of both! I did get burned a bit.

    Other Scott H - thanks!

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    Hisham Bin Ateya

    Great talk as usual Scott :)

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