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Let's take a look at what's new in ASP.NET Core 2.0! ASP.NET Core 2.0 includes a number of improvements big and small that I'll walk you through in this demo-filled session. You'll see how ASP.NET Core makes it easier to get started, improves performance, and makes your apps more secure. I'll introduce you ASP.NET Core Razor Pages, a new paged-based model for building web UI. You'll also see how ASP.NET Core makes bugs and production issues easier to diagnose with better logging and diagnostics?







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The Discussion

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    Kurt Dowswell

    Love me some Dan Roth! Top notch presenter.

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    Love me some Dan Roth! Top notch presenter.

    Yeah! He is really good and very energetic. I felt his spirit too!


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    Andy Murray

    Really easy to watch thanks to Dan's enthusiasm and his professional, well-prepared presentation. Great Demos.

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    Good stuff! Except for Razor Pages ;)

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    Cool Video! I wanna build new web-app with Razor pages! :)

  • User profile image

    I really appreciate these videos even if the viewership isn't great. I really learn a lot on Channel 9, and it's always my first stop for updates and demos on Microsoft Development Technologies. Thanks for all you do MS Team!! :)

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    Jayesh Shah

    Perfect presentation !!

    waiting for more on MVC Core 2 series from you Dan..

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