Bringing your WinForms/WPF investments forwards with UWP/.NET Standard 2.0

Play Bringing your WinForms/WPF investments forwards with UWP/.NET Standard 2.0

The Discussion

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    Seph Ari

    Great talk! Really informative. You are both great presenters. Chris you are really funny.

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    Can we have info on when F# will be supported please?

    We know that tail call support is not necessary. We believe that nested generics issues fixed. So it should be easy to enable F# support.

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    One question that comes to mind with this is, why do we need Windows 10 FCU to use .Net Standard if the whole .Net runtime (.Net Native) is embedded w/ the UWP package? "you aren't tied to your client's machine"?

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    @bc3tech:good question! Some of the .NET Standard 2.0 implementation is dependent on new APIs available in the Fall Creators Update. Even though the runtime is packaged with the app, it won't work unless all dependencies are available. 

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    Good talk. So pleased I came across this one. Chris is great!

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