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Visual Studio is a productivity game changer for C#! The .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") enables many new experiences that will change the way you write and debug code. In this session, we'll dig into features that bring a new level of awesome to the C# language and IDE experience. Come learn about new language features, refactoring support, major debugging enhancements, code-aware frameworks, and much more!







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The Discussion

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    In some ways it is nice to have a refresh of what is new and I know that some are watching these videos for the first time, but each time there is an event there is a lot of content to consume.

    So I recommend just showing new features that are new since the last video.
    Create links (better yet a playlist) to previous videos so that those who haven't seen them can watch them all.
    Thank you for all your hard work.

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    I agree with AdamsSoft, but this video is deep dive into previous high level introduction.

    So dont miss it.

    Again Thanks team Microsoft for dotnetConf Videos :)


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    Nice presentation, thanks.

    Could you please post the Resources' links?

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    @VishalMGiri: I would not say 'but'.  A previous event, I think it was Build 2017, also had a long deep dive with much of the same content.  I try to watch as much as I can and 2x speed... yet still too much.

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    Hamza Mayet

    Nice presentation .. tons of good IDE features .. It seems like they have bought Resharper too.

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    Visual studio is super slow !!!
    12 seconds just to open a solution OMG what we in 90's, it should be instant !

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    Hi Kasey,

    Is it possible to share code style settings across an entire team ? Like having a file that every dev in the team can point to so we don't have every person tinkering around with their own config ?



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    I can see the team have been reading code complete 2, a good book.

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    @Sergey -- yes, that's the idea! An .editorconfig file just lives in your source directories and can be checked into source control. You might find the following documentation helpful:


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    andy korn

    mine doesn't scroll with the trackpad, needs a mouse and it's so annoying to reach for the mouse on the couch

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    Elaine Akins

    T Hank you

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    It would be amazing to have an option to disable Roslyn completely. It is truly game changer - constant crashes with OOM on big solutions. The only way to reduce them(not to fix completely) is to use some registry hacks. As a result most of our team are back on 2013.

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    I agree. It's a real productivity game changer.
    Now I kill processes and restart Visual Studio 2017 every couple of hours because of high CPU usage, slow compilation, crashes, etc etc.
    I am not the only one facing all the bugs you have introduced in the latest iterations; just check https://developercommunity.visualstudio.com.

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    @Megatron: They demonstrated a halving of load time, and you're still complaining? You're likely to never be satisfied.

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