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    Ankit Sahu

    I need to learn async await

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    Async is a topic I was hoping to get some help with, but this really disappointed. This session was unorganized and hard to follow, and seemed to be thrown together very quickly. The single example went way off the reservation with Azure Functions, and it just didn't help me understand Async at all. Every other .Net Conf session has been great, but this one really didn't come close.

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    Very helpful. Thanks Bob.

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    I thought it was great, the exact opposite of what you found danschatz. Sorry you found it unhelpful. It needed more time at the end, true, to go slower through the example, and hopefully Bob will upload another video on it soon. Another good video I found on async (with a perhaps simpler example) is in this LinkedIn course called 'C# and .NET: Programming' by Alexander Zanfir:

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    Bob, I created the SimpleAsyncConsoleApp with the exact same code shown on the screen

    static async Task Main(string[] args)



    var mystring = await DoItAsync();





    private async static Task<string> DoItAsync()


    var httpclient = new HttpClient();

    var message = await httpclient.GetAsync("");

    var content = await message.Content.ReadAsStringAsync();

    return content;


    When I compile, I get the following error:


    Error CS5001 Program does not contain a static 'Main' method suitable for an entry point SimpleAsyncConsoleApp


    Any idea why this is happening, thanks in advance

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    @eliassal1: i had the same problem. The async main is a c#7.1 feature. It seems you need to change the default settings in the project properties,build,advanced button. to Minor. It seems to be set to Major by default and thus picking up 7, not 7.1 or 7.2 for example. Think you may also need to ensure you have latest version of visual studio you need at least 2017 (15.3) i believe.

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    Thanks you Bob for this introduction on asynchronous programming in C#. I was a little stuck trying to understand what the "await" is supposed to do, and you answered very well to it.

    For people who wants to learn more on this, you can follow this MOOC made by Microsoft on EDX.

    I hope we will continue to see you teaching us more on async in C#, it is an interesting topic and you teach very well, so it must happens ! :)

    Greetings from France.

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    Sorry, but this is quite poor and not really worth watching!

    The presenter Bob Tabor does seem to be very knowledgeable and generally a great presenter. However, he seems to have been called in for this with very short notice and therefore very limited preparation. Several times he acknowledges this himself and says there should maybe be a follow-up video on a number of things.

    The video has been part of a bigger event, and of course we can all understand when something goes wrong for a planned event, and they have to call someone in to stand in for another presenter.

    But this video should not have stayed on Channel 9.

    The topic is relevant and they should have had something else, for example with Bob Tabor.

    But this video is poor, and it should be removed and replaced!


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    I thought this was fantastic. I agree that it was a bit rushed to fit the time frame, but frankly I don't have all day to watch a training video - so the pace was very good for me.

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    a great explanation!!
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    Grant Johnson

    I very much enjoyed this video even though it is approaching 4 years old now and I have been working with async/await for years. I feel this video still has relevance in explaining what is going on behind the scenes.

    I am very used to Bob's style and I enjoyed his honesty like when one of his bullet points was "Bob is going to crash for 12 hours". Very real. Thanks Bob for all your hard work. Obviously, you can't please everyone but there are folks like me out here that are very grateful to you for all you have done to help the community.

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