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ASP.NET MVC has traditionally required that developers break their application up into separate files, and often folders, corresponding with the file's responsibility. This meant that even simple apps needed to have relatively complex folder structures supporting controllers, views, models, and related files. ASP.NET Core MVC 2.0 introduces Razor Pages, which are fully compatible with ASP.NET Core MVC. Razor Pages allow developers to keep related concepts together within the same file, while still enforcing the logical separation of the MVC design pattern. Although Razor Pages are great for beginners, they should not be written off as a "training wheels" version of ASP.NET Core MVC, since their use can provide a more feature-oriented organization of files within your application.







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    Wonderful presentation Steve! If you're new to Razor Pages, you came to right place for the hands-down best overview talk on Razor Pages on the Net!

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