What's Coming to C#?

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    Great new features on C# current version... nice presentation...

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    Great talk and great work. And...oooh, tell me more about GADTs and GPUs! How far can we Span, man? Per my comment at BUILD last year, "How about C#/AMP?" 

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    Great new features... I have a concern. What happens if I have two interfaces with the an equal implemented method, and a class that implement those interfaces? How the conflict is resolved? Good presentation, thanks

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    Great presentation and awesome work in C# Mads !!
    Thanks !!

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    Awesome, can't wait for the next Lang.Next!!

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    Awesome. Great presentations & also great features in the new version. awaits for the final release.

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    I feel all the ref business is just C pointers rebranded, takes away from the simplicity and elegance of C# in my opinion.

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    So we have basically tried our best to avoid C/C++ pointers for years when using C# and now they are back. I must say I love it because the IDE is now kind enough to warn us when dereferencing or using the pointers incorrectly. NICE WORK!!!

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    Hello! For what you did implementation for method of interface, could you explain this, please???
    Abstract class can do the same thing through virtual key word to overload base implementation of a method!

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    I'm waiting for new feature update. Thanks a lot!

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