Machine Learning in .NET (ML.NET)

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The Discussion

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    Also, check out for further learning! :)

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    oh! awesome demos. I want the recommendation app where can i get the code for it :).

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    It would be great if you could put these demos and explanations in your  This video explained WAY MORE than whats on the site.  Thanks!!!

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    Very good video. I saw it from youtube.

    Especially interesting the last part with fluent API.


    My recommendations for the next demos.

    1. Fine tuning training parameters with fluent API. Generally a more detailed usage of fluent API. Keep going with Fluent API, it's awesome.

    2. Cross validation usage for specifying the optimal number of hidden layer neurons in a neural network. Does ML.NET implement neural networks, with  backpropagation training algorithms? I see only SVM.

    3. ML.NET combined with TensorFlow and CNTK for training. I know it is not available yet.



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