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Building resilient microservices with .NET on Azure Service Fabric

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Learn how to build and deploy resilient containers and microservices at scale with .NET Core and Framework on Azure Service Fabric. We will walk you through development tools (VS, VS Code) & debugging, CICD integration, diagnostics & monitoring in production. We'll also share tips and techniques for creating and managing your microservices on Azure Service Fabric.

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The Discussion

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    Very nice presentation. Ability to create "services" dynamically to scaleout adds another dimension to scalability besides the usual stateful partitioning. 

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    Near the end you showed how it can be just a .Net core app and portable. You also mentioned the new Visual Studio template. Can you share a good video and resource about how to go about that? I've been exploring ways to make our SF development life cycle a lot easier, without having to struggle with SF running locally.

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