Enhancing WPF/WinForms applications with UWP features

Play Enhancing WPF/WinForms applications with UWP features
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You are building a WPF/WinForms application, but want to make it cool and feature rich? Learn how to modernize your desktop applications by integrating UWP goodness, like Windows 10 features such as Tile, Push notifications, Speech recognition and more.







The Discussion

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    no video available

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    I think the Windows.winmd reference is all you need? That is why there was a build conflict in the first toast notification demo. I am guessing.

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    After watching this, there is even less motivation for me to try and integrate UWP features into my WPF app. What a mess! 

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    As fourbadcats said, this wasn't exactly the most reassuring video. I may give it a go though, but this looked like a headache.

    I also wonder why the presenter was someone from Telerik and not MS.

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    I hoped to see improvements on the stability and developer experience using UWP APIS in "old" desktop applications. I actually stopped watching the video around 13 minutes, because up to that moment what I saw was exactly what I experienced around a year ago, trying to add some APIs to Greenshot.

    Either the video gets better after that, or it's still a pain to use Windows-10 APIs in WinForms / WPF.

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