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    Hey! You don't need to cut and edit the video. Just link to the original live stream and I will find the right position inside, where I'm interested in. Trust me, I can do that.


    Wy do more and more people refuse technology? It's because of situations like this. Microsoft sells Azure Services but is unable to deliver the simplest things. This happens more and more, every day...


    OK, maybe it is just me who is interested in this video, but hey I would really like to see the content of it...


    Oh and let me thank Google- and Microsoft-Analytics scripts to analyze my writing and taking their time to give me this plattform to express my feelings...


    Still no video :(

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    For all the others interested in this talk I found this slide:

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    Interesting content, but a very bad performance - broadcasting-wise.

    Sorry, but the guy who thought it's a good idea to deliver such a talk including a presentation via Skype(!) must have had a really bad day. This thing is so utterly broken since you [Microsoft] "aquired" it, unbelievable. And yet-another-UI won't cut it.

    I'd prefer to see something like this pre-recorded, and not live captured in a dark corner somewhere on the road, full of communication glitches and voice lags. And, post-production, anyone?

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    First guy complains about too much editing. 3rd guy complains there wasnt enough editing. Sigh...did you guys get a refund?

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    Very cool content. Miguel is great. Unfortunately the audio is embarrassingly terrible.


    @MikeH2011: Cheers, thanks for the slides.

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