Have Your Pi and Eat It Too: .NET Core 2.1 on Raspberry Pi

Play Have Your Pi and Eat It Too: .NET Core 2.1 on Raspberry Pi
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The open source, cross-platform design of .NET Core opens up all kinds of new possibilities for .NET developers. This talk teaches the attendee how to install the .NET Core runtime on the ultimate IoT platform, Raspberry Pi and unlock the potential of IoT devices for .NET developers!







The Discussion

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    Just wondering will these talks be available for viewing in the near future

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    When can we hope to see the vidéo ???

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    By the way, did you hear about the Azure Media Services capabilties?


    Still waiting...

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    Amazing demo, thanks!

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    @ahecguru:Glad you liked it!

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    Nice, but it would have been much cooler if you showed how to do get a .NET Core application running on a Pi that runs the Windows 10 IoT Core operation system. It should be possible, I've seen someone else proving it in the past, although it required quite some hacks.

    And, please, never ever drive LEDs directly via GPIOs unless you want to quickly demonstrate something and know what you are doing. Sourcing too much current out of them can kill your Pi. A simple 2N7000-like N-channel MOSFET with pull-down (or even a BJT as simple as BC547) wouldn't add too much complexity but make it a little more professional.

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    @fsc:That's good info regarding the LEDs. I just implemented the circuit as designed in the project kit I bought. I hope I said something in the video about not being an electrical engineer, because it's really true!  😆 

    Regarding Windows 10 IoT Core - True story, I debated that. I actually asked the team here in MSFT that's working on System.Devices.Gpio and they strongly preferred the Raspian demo. I think I might do a follow-up at some point covering Win 10 IoT.

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    A really great video. Please make some more in the future and preferably then with UWP running on Windows IoT Core (Btw looking forward to Win iot Core supporting wifi on the Raspberry Pi 3B+)  :)

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    The following bit just saved my day!

    --urls http://*:5000

     Thanks for the great video!


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