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Announcing .NET Core 3.0

EF 6 and EF Core are by far the most popular data access technologies in .NET. We'll use this talk to share the news about significant new capabilities and quality improvements in 3.0, as well as to connect with customers about what comes next.







The Discussion

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    Rizer Patel

    I really like the presentations and I understand diversity but really you need to choose people that we can ALL understand what they are talking about! Maybe he is a specialist but if I cannot understand a word he's saying, all is for nothing.

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    It seems like the EF Core team has been reading a lot of the negative comments I've come across about EF Core 2.1, and then doing something about it!

    LINQ to SQL translation and stored procedure support come up a lot. vNEXT looks really good!
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    NZ Sharp

    Hey! where is Rowan Miller

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    @NZ Sharp:Left the team in 2017
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    Yes, I'm sorry but I couldn't understand what was being said either. This video wasn't helpful for me.

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