APTs: Cybercrime, Cyber Attacks, Warfare and Threats Exposed

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In this session, see a live demonstration of the tools and techniques used by cybercriminals and cyber warriors today. We demonstrate what the threat-landscape looks like today, how the attackers penetrate your network, how they make their attacks undetectable from conventional antivirus and evade IDS solutions. We show how they expand their initial foothold to complete domain compromise and finally how they obtain their goal and infiltrate your data. A must see awareness session if you want to understand the threats of today.

Hasain Alshakarti

Hasain Alshakarti is an acknowledged security expert and computer industry speaker, he has been speaking at MS Ignite, TechED US, TechED Europe, and TechDays as well as other events and conferences across the world. Besides being a very popular instructor for the last 18 years Hasain is specially focusing Security Assessment, Penetration Testing, Network Security and PKI, helping customers understand and implement security measures. Hasain has a background as a developer and works closely with developers to help them understand security demands and realize in applications and system without losing functionality and usability. He is member of the TrueSec Security Team, Microsoft Extended Expert Team (MEET) and a recipient of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award in Enterprise Security.

Marcus Murray

Marcus Murray is the Cyber Security Manager at Truesec and a Microsoft Enterprise Security MVP. His team performs security assessments, incident response and security implementations for a variety of clients, including banks, military organizations, government agencies and other large corporations. He is currently focusing on nation state cyber warfare and cyber defense. Murray often speaks about security threats, vulnerabilities, and awareness, and how to implement real-world countermeasures. He has been the number one top speaker at TechEd North America and Teched Europe for several years, and a top speaker at events like RSA Europe and IT Forum Europe. He is a member of the Truesec Security Team, an independent elite-team of security consultants operating all over the world.





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