How to use the archivist package to boost reproducibility of your research

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The R package archivist allows you to share and reproduce R objects - artifacts with other researchers, either through a knitr script, embedded hooks in figure/table captions, shared folder or github/bitbiucket repositories.

Key functionalities of this package include: (i) management of local and remote repositories which contain R objects and objects meta-data (properties of objects and relations between them); (ii) archiving R objects to repositories; (iii) sharing and retrieving objects by their unique hooks; (iv) searching for objects with specific properties / relations to other objects; (v) verification of object's identity and object's context of creation.

The package archivist extends, in combination with packages such as knitr and Sweave, the reproducible research paradigm by creating new ways to retrieve and validate previously calculated objects. These functionalities also result in a variety of opportunities such as: sharing R objects within reports or articles by adding hooks to R objects in table or figure captions; interactive exploration of object repositories; caching function calls; retrieving object's pedigree along with information about session info.





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