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intRo is a modern web-based application for performing basic data analysis and statistical routines as well as an accompanying R package. Leveraging the power of R and Shiny, intRo implements common statistical functions in a powerful and extensible modular structure, while remaining simple enough for the novice statistician. This simplicity lends itself to a natural presentation in an introductory statistics course as a substitute for other commonly used statistical software packages, such as Excel and JMP. intRo is currently deployed at the URL In this talk, we describe the underlying design and functionality of intRo, including its extensible modular structure, illustrate its use with a live demo, and discuss future improvements that will enable a wider adoption of intRo in introductory statistics courses.





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The Discussion

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    I find intRo counterproductive to students. The main goal should be to have students program or do "data science" with R. With intRo, you sacrifice the full functionality of R for usability. I would rather leave functionality as is by directly using R and increase the skill level of users up to a point where they can use man pages and functions on their own.

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