New Paradigms In Shiny App Development: Designer + Data Scientist Pairing

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With the help of Shiny, advanced analytics practitioners have been liberated from professional application development constraints: long-turn development cycles, difficult interactions with IT groups unfamiliar with statistical modelling, challenges in making their content more accessible to broad audiences, and steep resource/time costs. However, this has pushed the burden of UX design, graphical presentation and scaling decisions onto the shoulders of the data scientist, who may or may not have a good background in these fields.
Now that supporting capabilities exist, such as packages that make interfacing with JavaScript visualization libraries easier (htmlwidgets) and the recent release of new shiny features, the work effort can be split, and much more compelling products can be produced. We plan to discuss a real-life example of creating a shiny application with HTML Templates, modules, etc. with support from a web-design expert. We'll describe the process of how we worked together to build basic prototypes, the benefits of shared work, and the challenges involved with such diverse skill sets. Finally, we'll show an example application built for a pricing and promotions model, and describe the impact this toolset had for us and our clients.





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