RosettaHUB-Sheets, a programmable, collaborative web-based spreadsheet for R, Python and Spark

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RosettaHUB-Sheets combine the flexibility of the bi-dimensional data representation model of classic spreadsheets with the power of R, Python, Spark and SQL. RosettaHUB-Sheets are web based, they can be created programmatically on any cloud. They enable Google-docs like real-time collaboration while preserving the user's data privacy. They have no limitation of size and can leverage the cloud for performance and scalability. RosettaHUB-Sheets act as highly flexible bi-dimensional notebook as they make it possible to create powerful mash-ups of multi-language scripts and results. RosettaHUB-Sheets are combined with an interactive widgets framework with the ability to overlay advanced interactive widgets and visualizations including 3D Paraview ones. RosettaHUB-Sheets are fully programmable in R, Python and JavaScript, macros similar to Excel VBA's can be triggered by various cells and variables states changes events. RosettaHUB-sheets can be shared to allow real-time collaboration, interactive teaching, etc. RosettaHUB-Sheets' are represented by an SQL database and can be queried and updated in pure SQL. The RosettaHUB Excel add-in makes it possible to synchronize a local Excel sheet with a RosettaHUB-Sheet on the cloud: Excel becomes capable of accessing any R or Python function as a formula and can interact seamlessly with powerful cloud-based capabilities, likewise, any Excel VBA function or data can be seamlessly exposed and shared to the web. RosettaHUB-sheet are the first bi-dimensional data science notebooks they give access to the most popular data-science tools and aim to contribute to the democratization and pervasiveness of data science.





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