Data Carpentry: Teaching Reproducible Data Driven Discovery

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Keywords: reproducible research, rmarkdown, open science, training, github
Data Carpentry is a non-profit organization and community. It develops and teaches workshops aimed at researchers with little to no programming experience. It teaches skills and good practices for data management and analysis, with a particular emphasis on reproducibility. Over a two-day workshop, participants are exposed to the full life cycle of data-driven research. Since its creation in 2014, Data Carpentry has taught over 125 workshops and trained 400+ certified instructors. Because the workshops are domain specific, participants can get familiar with the dataset used throughout the workshop quickly, and focus on learning the computing skills. We have developed detailed assessments to evaluate the effectiveness and level of satistaction of the participants after attending a workshop as well as the impact on their research and careers 6 months or more after a workshop. Here, we will present an overview of the organization, the skills taught with a particular emphasis on using R, and the strategies used to make these workshops successful.





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