The growing popularity of R in data journalism

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useR!2017: The growing popularity of R in data jour...

In this talk, Timo Grossenbacher, data journalist at Swiss Public Broadcast and creator of, will show that R is becoming more and more popular among a new community: data journalists. He will showcase some innovative work that has been done with R in the field of data journalism, both by his own team and by other media outlets all over the world. At the same time, he will point out the strengths (reproducibility, for example) and hurdles (having to learn to code) of using R for a typical data journalism workflow – a workflow that is often centered around quick, exploratory data analysis rather than statisticial modeling. During the talk, he will also point out and controversially discuss packages that are of great help for journalists especially, such as the tidyverse, readxl and googlesheets packages.





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