We R What We Ask: The Landscape of R Users on Stack Overflow

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useR!2017: We R What We Ask: The Landscape of R Use...

Since its founding in 2008, the question and answer website Stack Overflow has been a valuable resource for the R community, collecting more than 175,000 questions about the R that are visited millions of times each month. This makes it a useful source of data for observing trends about how people use and learn the language. In this talk, I show what we can learn from Stack Overflow data about the global use of the R language over the last decade. I'll examine what ecosystems of R packages are used in combination, what other technologies are used alongside *R**, and what countries and cities have the highest density of users. Together, the data paints a picture of a global and rapidly growing community. Aside from presenting these results, I'll introduce interactive tools and visualizations that the company has published to explore this data, as well as a number of open datasets that analysts can use to examine trends in software development.





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