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useR!2017: jug: Building Web APIs for R

Keywords: REST, API, web, http
jug is a web framework for R. The framework helps to easily set up API endpoints. Its main goal is to make building and configuration of web APIs as easy as possible, while still allowing in-depth control over HTTP request processing when needed.
A jug instance allows one to expose solutions developed in R to the web or and/or applications communicating over HTTP. This way, other applications can gain access to, e.g. custom R plotting functions or generate new predictions based on a trained machine learning model.
jug is build upon httpuv. This results in a stable and robust back-end. Recently, endeavors have been made to allow a jug instance to process requests in parallel. The GitHub repository includes a Dockerfile to ease productionisation and containerisation of a jug instance.
During this talk, a tangible reproducible example of creating an API based on a machine learning model will be presented and some of the challenges and experiences in exposing R based results through an API will be discussed.





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The Discussion

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    Danish Mumtaz

    I am working on Topic modelling and building an API which accepts a .txt file and sends back the most frequent words. But when I am receiving a response on web page it showing only the first element of the list.

    Please let me know how can i get the entire list.

    Danish Mumtaz

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