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    사요ㅇ중인 매일을 일방적으로 사용하지 못하게하는 이유가?이 컴퓨터는 2대의 콤퓨터가 연결된 가정용 네트워크를 채팅으로 오혜하고있다.

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    great stuff!.. very good intro to service bus.

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    Excellent presentation, definitelly reason to try it ASAP, thanks

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    ramesh bolla

    Scott, your presentation very interesting. where to download PPT !

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    Please tell me what is Azure in short form
    Whether it is CMS, or development tool or what?

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    @nirmalan: Windows Azure is Microsoft's CLOUD platform.

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    Where is the button to deploy a 1k man-days 'native' azure-app to a on-premise w2k12 infrastructure? Oh. There is none. Azure Appliances as announces somehow imploded. Make sure your investments pay back. Avoid azure.

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    scott said you can install sql to vm as you are an administrator (14:30 in video).

    So what happens to my installations(SQL,or other softwares) on VM if i scale it to 2 or more instances?

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    thumbs up, microsoft. I can't wait to start making stuffs with these great features.

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    That is great stuff; I am especially looking forward to exploring the Service Bus Relay - neat feature!

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    @Hanky Next time make sure you have something to say, not just repeat what the penguin in the videos says.

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    Can we get the short video of the datacenter?

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    Komatsu Sakura

    May i know after this whole conference what can i gain from it ?

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    Awesome one Scott..

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    A very good "big picture" overview - also for newbies.
    Of course, some things have changed since that time (2012) - nevertheless, it's still worth to check it out.

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