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Microsoft Adventure

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    Very Old Microsoft Consumer Products in 1979.
    Implemented by Gordon Letwin <---- OS/2 Programmer ?
    Disk for Apple II

    *Caution ----> Microsoft Logo

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    Was it any good?

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    This program is created by a brazilian company with the same name wath Microsoft, i have a audio cassete with a game for ZX Spectrum from this company.



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    Robert Hess

    No, this was an actual game produced by the same "Microsoft" that is so near and dear to all of our hearts :->

    I found what is "supposed" to be a web-based Apple IIgs emulator that can play this, but I couldn't get it working.

    This was just your standard text-based adventure game, remember those days? We didn't need no stink'n 3d card, and no phancy speakers. Heck, we could play for hours and hours on a teletype!


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