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    Do you remember this

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    16-bit Ethernet card? Plug-and-pray? Yeah, I remember what an improvement that was over the Token Ring and 8-bit Ethernet cards we had been using. Jumpers galore!

    And then you had to get that working with Windows 3.1. Those were the days of Trumpet Winsock and editing the autoexec.bat and config.sys files so the drivers were all loaded in the proper order and the appropriate environment variables were set.

    It was a challenge, but it was also very rewarding when the system finally was able to dial into the ISP on the 9600 bps modem. The Gophers were flying at that speed!

    I remember that I bought OS/2 because it came with a built-in web browser, which Windows didn't have at the time.

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    I have a few in storage also with the cable internet connector not just the Cat5e  LOL:P

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