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View Thread: Mac OS - TIGER in vmware 5.5
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    staceyw wrote:
    Custa1200 wrote:Unless this is being run on Apple hardware this is ILLEGAL [6]

    If you buy the OS, you should be able to run it on your Car CPU if you can figure out how to get it to run.  So I can buy it and leave it on the self and that is ok.  But I can't load it on a pc.  How is that legal?

    Well, this is the part where you would break out that good ol' EULA and read it. MacOS is ONLY licenced to run on Apple hardware. So no, you can't run it on your car stereo. Remember, it's you to you to agree to the terms or get your money back. Don't go crying to nobody because the EULA doesn't let you do what you want to. This is not Windows you're talking about.
    And if you try to load it on a regular PC system, you might also be in violation of my favourite US law, the DCMA. (Presently living in Germany, I can't wait untill europe gets its own version of this stupid law)