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Betsy takes the Channel 9 guy around Europe

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    Betsy Aoki (queen of is giving a blogging talk at TechEd Europe this week. She's posted a great series of photos of the Channel 9 guy at Stonehenge, a UK nightclub, Amsterdam canals, ...

    "quiet, amiable, sinister, and spongy"

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    This is fantastic!  I am starting to suspect that the Channel 9 guy is fast becoming the first foam guy to be seen in almost every country around the world.

    Don't forget to submit your own pics so that we can post them on the home page.


    ***still working on a good sig***

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    How can I get a C9 guy?

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    If C9 Guy comes to Japan, I can take many pictures with him by going around Japan!
    I'm still waiting for a C9 Guy coming to my home!

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    I got one in the Barcelona TechEd Developers. Smiley In short, I'll take a photo of him in Seville. Smiley

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