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Advice to buy an unlocked Lumia during the Build Event -> wrong advice. Phones are not unlocked!

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    Unfortunately a number of people who did not win Lumia phones at Build were told to go buy an unlocked phone from the Microsoft Store.  I decided to buy a unlocked TMobile Lumia 521 from the store, brought it back to Canada and found it was actually locked to TMobile.  After phoning the Microsoft Store they confirmed that the phone is NOT UNLOCKED, and T-Mobile will unlock it for you.  However TMobile will only do that if you are a TMobile customer.

    The Microsoft reps at Build did not tell us that, nor did the sales people at the store mention that when I paid the bill.  Could someone at Microsoft step in and clear this up for not only me, but a significant number of other international attendees?  The manager at the store has confirmed this has turned out to be a huge issue

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    Also, states that customers are eligible for an unlock code as long as the device is paid in full.

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    Yes, that's the issue.  CUSTOMERS.  You can't be a T-Mobile customer unless you have a US presence. This is what you get back from T-Mobile

    Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile. We have received your SIM Unlock
    Request. Unfortunately, we are unable to locate an account with the information
    provided. We are only able to provide unlock codes for T-Mobile Customers. If
    you are a T-Mobile Customer please contact T-Mobile at 1-800-937-8997 or 611
    from your T-Mobile device to have new request submitted with your account

    this is also what the store manager in San Fran got back from T-Mobile:

    "I have called T-Mobile multiple times and seem to be unable to get a straight answer. The only one I seem to get is from a T-Mobile Supervisor who said since you do not have a T-Mobile number you must call Nokia. I understand this is a poor answer and will continue to follow up with my T-Mobile representative for our store and see if I can find another solution."

    Nokia has a number, but customer service is unable to handle this type of request

    Anyone from Microsoft or Nokia on this forum?  Anyone?


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    @foxcanada:Should you just contact nokia in your country through Live Chat? or send an email US Nokia. Give it a shot though.

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