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Any conference party this year

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    Every Microsoft conference that I have been to has had some closing party.  Is this the year we don't.  Is there also a even door expo this year?  Microsoft please throw us so e bones so we can schedule the last day.

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    @okshaw The three Bay Area .NET user groups are joining forces for a party on Wednesday night 6/26 at GitHub featuring Microsoft's own Glenn Block.  This should be a perfect warm up to the official //BUILD opening party.  More information and RSVP at

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    There has been a party at each //Build so far, and also at the older PDCs. So I am sure there will be one this year.

    But check w/ the vendors. Vendors offten do some awsome parties / gatherings. Devexpress has had some great parties in the past. //BUILD 11 they had Smashmouth play, and //BUILD 12 they rented out a go-carts place, but they weren't kiddie go-carts they went insanly fast.
    Other vendors and groups do some equally awsome stuff.
    Ask around while there. Also toss up a tweet to #bldwin and ask "where are the parties" ...

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    Edit: nvm

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    good question

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