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Build 2014 -- Giveaways

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    Okay. Thanks. Fingers crossed.

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    Pure speculation here, but we may be able to glean possible giveaways this year by looking at past BUILD events.

    2011 - Samsung Tablet w/ Win 8 preview
    2012 - Surface RT + Nokia Lumia 920
    2013 - Surface Pro + Acer Iconia 8 in tablet

    All the above with possible exception of the Surface Pro have been 1st or very early manufacturing run of the device. It's almost like they need to do a 1st run, and figure there is a higher chance of issues so those items make a good giveaway (not that I am complaining). Kill two birds with one stone - work out the production bugs an have a giveaway for build.

    That being said I am guessing we'll get a Surface Mini + Nokia Phone 8.1 that has Cortana on it.

    As for Xbox One - I put that at < 10%. It's a production level consumer device.
    The only reason I don't put it at 0% is because I read yesterday that MS has a surplus and starting next month the console will come bundled w/ a game. Put it this way, if they were flying off the shelf and MS couldn't keep up with customer demand there would be a 0% chance. Since that's not the case it becomes a very slim chance.

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    How about the following:
    1. A partner provide a 2-1 laptop , maybe Lenovo.    
        A number of partners showcased hardware last year so it would be nice to leave with one.

    2. Surface Mini

    3. Nokia Phone 8.1 that has Cortana on it.

    Just a thought.  As for Xbox One - doubt it, other conferences provide this so it wouldn't be exclusive to BUILD.

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    Am I right in thinking that as well as the (possible) freebies, they give (huge) discounts on buying additional items? I am sure I read that somewhere.

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    Going from memory here...

    At Build 11 MS had a mini windows store set up in the Anaheim Convention Center (attendees got like 15% discount)

    At Build 12 MS gave attendees a $250 purchase voucher to use in the on campus store. Note this would allow attendees to purchase up to $250 of merchandise, it wasn't a gift certificate. Just the right to spend up to $250 of your own money. The stuff in the on campus store is deeply discounted.

    At Build 13 MS gave attendees a 10% (could be 15% can't recall) discount card that they could take down the street to the S.F. MS store.

    A Tech Ed conference allowed attendees to purchase deeply discounted Surface or Surface Pro, but that was in place of an actual give away. It was also limited to 1 per attendee.

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    I hope it won't be...

    var build2014 = NoHackathon + NoEarlyRegistrationDiscount + NoGiveaways;



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    @0flop0:Not sure if is of value to anyone else, but I found out that students get the same giveaways as "normal attendees". I originally thought the price for a student was still pretty high (it costs $1,000 for a student), but if they get electronics, then it works out to be pretty good.

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    So many rumors of XBOX ONE, wish Microsoft reads this thread and makes its mind :P :P

    That would be too awsome 

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    There is a possibility of.. no giveaway this year.

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    Wat? Who says?

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    Well that'd certainly be a great way of ensuring that Build 2015 doesn't sell out so fast!

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    there will be windows 9 <3 developer preview at build 2014 ?


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    #rumor #speculation There won't be a Win9 preview, but they will showcase a first look at the new 3D UI (codename: Metro 2.0).

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    thanks for the reply @MasterPi:

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    I think they are going to giving out surface minis and Nokia phones with 8.1 this year.  

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    I think that the best approach they could take in order to let the people have the ability to use the tools and technologies that will be presented in the conference is:

    * Surface Pro 2 (256-512 GB): To test Windows 8.1 update 1, install visual studio, use azure, office and any product presented in the conference

    * Windows Phone 8.1 (Lumia 930-Lumia Icon) developer unlocked: In order to learn to develop apps in the platform and to try the new features.

    Nice to have (Unanounced products):

    * Surface Mini

    * Microsoft Smartwatch.

    I think that an Xbox One won't be an according giveaway aligned with the objective of this conference.


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    Agree 100%.  We'll find out in a week!

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