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Build 2014 -- Giveaways

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    It doesn't come with a game, right?  Not complaining, just asking.

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    , Tshenk wrote


    I thought that the $500 gift card was online only?


    I think it's online only for US attendees but it works in the store for overseas visitors.  Guess they didn't want to swamp the local store with 5000 delegates!

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    No, no game, just a basic console.

    I jut rocked up to the registration desk and they gave my the gift card, i could also have taken an Xbox too, but i had already ordered online as i am non-us.

    The gift card could be exchanged for online code if you could not get to the store... i was going to do that but glad i didn't because of the deal i got at the store.

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    As for taking the Xbox on flight.. personally, i would be much happier ordering for delivery, especially if non-us as would get a console for your region... which is now an issue for me because my surface has a US power adapter so i will need to purchase a UK one when i get home,... hey, but i git a surface fir free... i can deal with that,

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    It's a bit petty for us International attendees, since for us the XBOX one is mostly working on 230 or 240 Volts...

    Yeah, I know we can get a gift card. But than, at the shop here in SF:

    1) Cell phones --> not an option since they're locked to an American Telecommunication providers

    2) Xbox one --> same issue, only 127 V adaptors.

    We can only by laptops or tablets (and they've run out over those for a lot of models, except the highly priced Surface PRO 2)

    And again, yeah... we could trade our gift card for a promotion code that we could use in our own country (use in a physical or online Microsoft shop). Guess what? No XBOX available in my country, but it does in the online shop of my neighbouring country! So Anyone knows if by default the promotion code is bound to shop (online or physical) of your country of residence?
    That would be a bummer again!
    Quite an ordeal for internationals!

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    > Quite an ordeal for internationals!

    Indeed. Not very well thought through by the organizers.

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    > Quite an ordeal for internationals!


    One would think with the sessions on developing for the XBox One that they would want us to get an XBox One. I got quite exited. ..But... The Danish Store has nothing I'm interested in. Only Surface and the XBox 360.

    There would be at least two easy solutions to this:

    1. Extend my gift code to last until september, where XBox One is out in Denmark (Why only make it valid until 30. of April? It makes no sense )

    2. Let me order it from the German store, where I can order it right now (just like the german attendees)

    I tried writing to the "Build team" but this is Eventcore and not Microsoft. They did not have any of the options.

    Anyone know who to write to?



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    Doh. It gets worse. I just talked to the Danish Store.

    We got 2x500$ gift Cards. They can only be used one at the time.

    So If I then wanted to buy a Surface Pro 2, so I don't loose the entire value of the gift codes. Then my options look like this:

    Surface 2 pro 1200$ on the Danish store (without keyboard/64GB). I use one gift code, and have to pay up 900$. Thanks.

    Or I can buy an old XBox 360, and 2 old games 2 times.

    Happy days!

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    @Weiman: Don't you mean "Bing the phase if you don't believe me."   :)

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    The Surface Pro 3.0 looks pretty nice - too bad we did not have an opportunity to get that instead.

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