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Discount on Surface Book 10%

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    I picked up the 10% off coupon at the registration desk.

    The coupon indicates that it is only usable in person at one of the Best Buy Stores in the San Francisco area


    While, I appreciate the 10% off, and I hope to be able to use it, there is a very full schedule at Build this year that goes into the evening every night; I don't have the privilege to live in beautiful San Francisco, and the Best Buy stores are not within walking distance of the convention.


    Is there any other way to redeem the 10% off.


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    They are also offering the 10% off for build attendees at the Microsoft Store in the Westfield Center right by the convention center.

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    Strange, I didn't get one of these coupons. They were only handing out the badge with azure code, map, session list, and t-shirt. I'm hoping when they have that section up and running there will be a more substantial discount, at least if they want me to bite. I'm still perfectly happy with the i7 surface pro 3 with a pro 4 keyboard :) A nice discount might tempt me into a surface book though!

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    I went to the Microsoft store in Westfield.  I got the 10% off.  Also, there are a few models that currently are on sale for an additional $100 off.


    The folks in the store were a little surprised to see the Coupon that only mentions Best-Buy. 

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    Stop by the Surface booth in the Hub. They have 10% off coupons good at any Microsoft store and online, and the offer runs until April 30.


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