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How to run a Processing sketch with media files on Windows Phone?

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    I made a sketch in processing that uses external media files. Basically these files are loaded into the sketch during runtime (.jpg and .wav files).
    I know how to run the sketch on the regular Processing IDE, I use on my desktop (while using the built-in 'Java' mode). All media files go into the 'data' folder present in the sketch directory.
    But how can I run this particular sketch with media files on my Windows Phone.

    Is it possible to bundle the sketch+media files into one single package that runs on the phone ?

    I am new to Processing.js. Relevant links and videos are most welcomed.

    Thank you!

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    #TIL Processing works for Windows Phone (

    According to the description (near the bottom of the page) you would have to download the Processing template and bundle your sketch in with it.

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