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Issues with Iconia

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    Is anyone else experiencing odd Wi-Fi, display, and responsiveness issues with their Iconia? I get very persistent issues trying to connect to my local W-Fi network, and the device is often very unresponsive when I try to wake it from sleep or change Wi-Fi settings.

    I've been experiencing these issues when I immediately upgraded the device to 8.1 after unwrapping it. I thought it had something to do with 8.1 not having all of the drivers available yet, so I reset it to Windows 8 and installed all of the updates, but I'm still getting these issues.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    edit: I'm also occasionally getting DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE BSODs, which are apparently caused by the Wi-Fi chip (according to people on the internet experiencing similar issues with Broadcom SDIO chips)

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    I have one from build 2013, and its been running fine. of course I updated immediately to the preview of 8.1 ...but even before that the few hours I was running were great [updated over wifi etc]

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    My BUILD Iconia (that is updated to Win 8.1) will have one bar for WiFi but my Surface RT (from last year, which is also updated to Win 8.1) will have 5 bars for WiFi.  I have nothing but flaky connections and poor performance from the Iconia's WiFi.

    If anyone has any thoughts I would love to hear.

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    I'm also having issues with the wifi in my Build Iconia W3. Signal strength is weak (full signal shown on iPhone / Surface / Laptops in the same locations in my house) and it does not see n-networks at all any more. I've also had episodes where it will drop the wifi over and over (rocks back and forth between full signal, low signal and no connectivity at all).

    Have not updated to W8.1 yet.

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    Yes, I also have constant WiFi problems with the Iconia W3.  I carried it to the Help Desk at Build 5 times during the conference, only to be told it was just because the network was oversaturated. I explained that I had the same results at the hotel, but that didn't matter to them.

    Now I have the same issues at home and at the office. My laptops, Surface, and iPhone all work great, but Iconia's WiFi sucks.

    Not much good to me, so I have repackaged it all and will give to my 10 year old for Christmas.

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    Mine's been junk so far.  Out of the box the screen was partially black and had severe flickering.  I sent it back to Acer for repairs and then one they shipped back has a crack under the LED glass and the display is basically useless.  Once again it's going back for repairs.  So far I haven't been able to use it for anything.

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    I immediately upgraded mine to the 8.1 preview, and also updated to 8.1 RTM, and I have had zero problems with it, except for when restarting it the thing bluescreens once in a while. If you're not running 8.1 I think it will be less stable. + 8.1 fixed wifi issues that 8.0 had.

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