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Hackathon question

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    Hey, is hackathon only for attendees?  Because it will be 3 days and it would be really expensive to pay for just hackathon entrance =|  $1,600 to join a hackathon doesn't make much sense.

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    The hackathon is for attendees.  It is a different way to learn.  I know I learn best by actually building out applications and prototypes.  Last year some people did sessions then programmed all night to create amazing applications.  I was proud to have helped out and this year I get to be the owner of the hackathon.

    We fill the room with product experts and try to remove any barrier so you and your team can build the best application possible. 

      - clint

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    @Clint Looking forward to be in the hackathon!!!

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    We were late enough to only get on the wait list for the hackathon. Hoping a spot opens up!

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    Hey Clint!  I am thinking about attending Build and I am wondering, is the Hackathon full?



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    @ston, it's full.  They'll put you on a waitlist.

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    Shaun, Yeah, we filled up almost right away.  We sent an email out to verify anyone who signed up was interested and kept that sign up list at 100% full.  We have had an overwhelming response of people wanting to be a part of this year's Hackathon and we personally want to thank you for joining the Hackathon waitlist.  Sadly, we cannot accommodate additional participants Sad

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    Last years hack was awesome, looking forward to this years. If I remember correctly, and I offten don't Wink, we didn't have monitors last year. We just huddled around lap tops and coded up. If possible could you pull in a monitor or two for each station. It would help w/ the long coding sessions we'll be doing, and also makes for better co-coding / team coding.

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    I was one of those hacking through the night (was on the Wedley team). It was an amazing opportunity and has really opened up new directions for me in the time since Build 2012.

    Unfortunately I won't be at Build this year, but I want to encourage all the hackathon participants. It's a great experience if you commit to it. Only piece of advice-- carve out time to grab proper meals-- I lived off granola bars and pastries for longer of that week than I care to remember...

    Also, Clint, thanks again for all your work last year. You guys did an amazing job, and I know everyone on my team, at least, was very grateful.

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