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Welcome to the Build 2013 forum!

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    Hey folks,

    This forum is for you to discuss anything related to the Build conference. Build is going to be awesome and we're excited to put on a great event for you!

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    first ? Devil

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    I am wondering if Microsoft will trow a party this year too.

    Last year I participated in the Hackathon. I would like to know if there is still time to enroll this year and how to do it.

    Eduardo Quintana


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    @eduquint: Yes, it's one of the questions in the registration process. You can log back into the registration process and select that you want to join the Hackathon.

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    @Dan: I just have to say, the registration process (assuming low traffic times) is excellent in terms of UX. Being able to at any time go back and modify information helps so much. Fortunately, I could zip through the registration to the payment section to get a ticket w/o having to worry about the hotel.

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    I suspect most of us go to Build because it's our chance to meet with other developers and to network. If you are interested, please join #TheKreweBuild and start now: It's a group that we are starting in order to keep together during and after //Build!

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