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What to bring?

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    Can any of you experienced attendees make a recommendation of things to bring for first-timers?

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    This will get you started:

    1) Yourself Smiley

    2) Causal clothes and good walking shoes. SF can be cool so bring shorts and long pants as well as a light jacket incase the A/C is cranking in the sessions.

    3) PC, Tablet or paper for notes.

    4) Canera (Smartphone).

    5) A list of things your interested is getting out of the conference. This will help you prioritize what sessions to attend and the Microsoft experts you'll want to talk to.

    6) Leave some room in your carryon bag/suitcase for any swag that will be given out.


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    Will carrying a backpack around the conference be ok?

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    Backpacks are carried my most participants.

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    also...I second something to take notes with. Never been to Build, but in my limited experience going to conferences, being able to take notes can be very valuable after the conference.

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    First-timers, realize this now instead of later:

    The most important things you'll likely get out of the conference are from random "hallway conversations" and probably NOT the presentations!


    Never, and I repeat, NEVER artificially stop/hasten/shorten a good conversation because a session  you want to see is starting. You can always stream that session online later! You can likely never have that conversation again.

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    I'm a first timer and this is great insights and advice. - thanks

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