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Which is the conference hotel?

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    Urgh - what an utter disaster the registration site was, but at least we finally managed to get registered. Why you can't have an 800 number for backup purposes is beyond me - I'd rather wait in a phone queue than sit on a broken website for 40 minutes not knowing if it's going to respond or not...

    Anyway - the only way we were able to do so (like most of the twitterverse it seems!) was to skip the hotel booking step. Which leads to my question: what is the official Build Hotel and how much is the conference rate? Downtown San Francisco is expensive!

    Looking forward to the Build conference, just frustrated at the registration 'lottery' - this ain't Google I/O! ;0)


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    Not sure what the official hotel is, however you might like to try Airbnb for a place to stay, lots of bargains and price is almost always cheaper than staying in a hotel.

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    @OrigamiCar: If you'd like, you can sign in and go back into the registration process and add a hotel.

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    Mosser Hotel & Studio Paradiso on Fourth St. pretty inexpensive and just one block from Moscone Center.

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