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Which sessions are being recorded?

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    The schedule this year is very busy and has a lot going on. I know I won't be able to attend everything I am interested in, but will all of the Breakout, Code Lab, and Theater sessions be recorded to view later?

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    @MisterMatt: We will try to record everything, but often we lose a few (hardware issues for example) and have to re-record them later. I'd say you'll have a ton of content to watch by the end of the week though ( > 100 hours at least!). Code Labs would be best in person, but I believe they are working to make them into a video walkthrough as well.

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    @Duncanma: Thank you for the response. I didn't notice any cameras at the theaters and some of these are honestly better than the long sessions. For example, the CDN setup and configuration was a great quick dive that showed implementation and was brief and to the point. I really hope some of those that I missed will be recorded for viewing.

    I also was only able to make it in to one of the Code Labs since there is such limited space (I had to leave halfway through a session to get in line after striking out the first 3 times). I hope the Code Labs will all be recorded and posted as I prefer to spend my time diving into code rather than looking at slides.

    Day 1 was great, thank you for doing everything you can to capture the missed sessions! :)

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    @Duncanma:what's the eta on code labs? I still don't see it and it has been more than 24 hours.

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    Code labs very poorly organized by Microsoft, limited seating, have to get in line 1 hour before to get voucher, they say they hand out vouchers 30 minutes before session, but some sessions handing them out 45 minutes to 1 hour prior.  Even if you have a voucher, you not guaranteed to get in lab if you not in line 30 to 40 minutes before session.  Boo Microsoft, very bad organized, not even giving breakfast and no hardware giveaways, and charging $100 more for conference, for what?

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