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Windows 8.1 on 2012 Samsung BUILD PC

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    Does anyone know if i can install windows 8.1 on the Samsung BUILD PC which was given out at the last build conference, its just that it installs up to the last 33% then stops and resets itself to the previous windows installation.

    Is anyone out there is familiar with this and if so would you know of any workarounds?

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    @ezway: I installed it onto that device, but from an iso, so a clean install, kept nothing

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    I did a fresh install of Windows 8 RTM. Can't remember what I did to get to the 8.1 RTM I am running now, but I went through all the previews of 8.1 with it, too... It definitely works. You may want to first go to the Samsung website and see if there's a BIOS update and chipset update for it, then do the upgrade.

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