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nobody said anything about needing tickets for labs

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    Was just turned away from a lab session I had added to my schedule.  The nice lady advised me to arrive 30 minutes early next time, get a ticket, and then stand in line, if I wanted to attend a lab in future.

    Some respectful observations:

    1) Nobody said anything about tickets, arriving early, standing in line, or that the session labs would be obviously underprovisioned, until just now.

    2) When I pointed out that in some cases the attendee would be required to miss another session, or leave it a few minutes in, to comply with this new requirement, I was told that there are 30 minutes between scheduled sessions.  Perhaps I have not read the schedule correctly.

    3) Again with respect, eventcore and Microsoft might want to review the provisioning for these labs, and provide enough seats to accomodate the easily forecast demand.  This happened also last week at the Data Insights Summit in Bellevue.  

    4) From the data analyst's point of view, I know that the tools are available, and suspect that the data are likewise available, to generate a 95%-confidence forecast of lab session demand.  Surely Microsoft does not need my help to do so, but I will happily volunteer my help if it is needed. We can do better than this.

    5) Many attendees have traveled thousands of miles, at substantial expense to themselves and/or their organizations, to attend this conference. We have in my opinion the right to attend the sessions we paid to attend, and in many cases scheduled, using the provided Schedule Builder before the conference began.

    Sincerely, wishing everyone all the best, with thanks for your time and consideration

    -- Mike

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    I had the same problem and really think this is a problem. At least we paid for it. I then tried  to take another session in the mariott hotel. Status was limited space as I arrived there but the doors where closed... 

    The lady at the door told me the session will be online tomorrow... Why then flying thousands of kilometer and paying a lot of money?

    I hope the second day will be much better.








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    I had the same experience, I had to leave halfway through the previous session to get a ticket to one after striking out 3 times. They are only giving out 108 tickets for the room and these are they types of sessions I prefer. I don't like looking at slides, I like diving into code. The nice people attending the doors also seemed frustrated as they were taking the brunt of complaints, I hope they do something to get more people in tomorrow. Regardless this is a very different build conference from the previous years and there are some pros and cons. I'm having a blast and meeting great people, the ticket shortage makes for a great ice breaker :P

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    ^^^ Ditto ^^^

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    Wow.... it sounds like a dodged a bullet this year on Build... I was pushing my boss hard for a ticket and got a hard NO all the time..

    What with no give-away this year (got an xbone + $500 in 2014) and now sessions are being ticket based ... it sounds like the shine of the event is starting to tarnish.

    Seems the on-line viewing via CH9 is the way forward.... Except that I guess you miss out on the networking and social aspects.... but hey, we're geeks... :)

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    I just tried to attend the Thursday session of the core lab session. It seats 108 and is only offered once a day. I left the keynote 30 minutes early and it was already full, with staff saying it had sold out an hour ago. 

    I don't understand why these labs aren't being held hourly, or at least more often than once a day - especially the first one. ASP.NET core is a new feature and this seems like a massive oversight. I have traveled 7 hours to get here, to learn specifically about this subject, and instead it's looking like it will be near impossible to learn more about this. 

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    @bo55vxr You are correct, online is the way to go.  I'm already registered for Ignite in Atlanta later this year, and looked into canceling, to find that the cancellation fee is $695.00, this far in advance of the event.  Since I live and work in Atlanta anyway, decided to just go through with it and avoid making unnecessary expenditures in future.

    My first TechEd was 2001 if memory serves, also in  Atlanta, and I've attended more than one Microsoft event in the intervening years.  In my personal opinion, this year's Build is a significant step down in quality from previous years across many dimensions.  I understand Microsoft management's reasoning in minimizing costs, since from their point of view I'm sure that the return on investment from these conferences has not met their expectations.

    From this paid attendee's perspective, this conference has (at least to this point) failed to yield a satisfactory return on the (to me and my organization anyway) very substantial investment required for attendance by two senior staff members.  Among other things, in several cases the conference infrastructure, including Azure, failed spectacularly during scheduled sessions, forcing the beleaguered presenters to ad lib.  May I say that in one case in particular the presenter did an astonishingly good job of carrying the Microsoft ball when fumbled by Azure, so kudos to him.

    In future we'll probably stay home and watch channel9.  In our case, neither networking opportunities nor (non-existent) swag are compelling reasons to shell out over $10,000.00 total and lose 2 person-weeks' worth of productive work.  We can learn more effectively through other means.

    Live and learn, indeed -- Mike


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    Note that all of the labs are now available here:

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