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Video: Win10-EE on Snapdragon 820 + x86 Emulation 27 replies by elmer
Surface Studio black bar / black levels?
Started by androidi
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TINMAN-problem solver/algo?
Started by androidi
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VR/AR headset market risks
Started by androidi
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Thoughts on the "budget phone" market
Started by androidi
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New Sherlock is a corker ...
Started by Ian2
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What is a good tool to calculate a grid of lat/longs at a given distance? 6 replies by magicalclick
DevOps with Application Insights - How can I separate out dev, stage and prod environments?
Started by iShare
1 reply by TheTraveler
onedrive - why can't Microsoft get it to work? 4 replies by SteveRichter
MS Security AD still so confusing 10 replies by RealBboy360
anniversary update 3 replies by spivonious
SurfacePro-5 - launch next week? 3 replies by elmer
Can't redownload my music 12 replies by Typhoon87
Another idea I probably won't do anything about ... 5 replies by Dr Herbie
Good job MS 10 replies by TheTraveler
Unreadable / hard to read text on web sites 2 replies by Dr Herbie
Did the court order this or what? 0 replies by androidi
Happy Christmas Niners! 2 replies by elmer