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View Thread: ??? Surface is the next big thing????
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    Sven Groot

    At least it's better than the Windows 8 ad I saw on YouTube recently. That ad was from Rakuten but it was more for Windows 8 in general than any specific device.

    What made that ad very odd was that it wasn't really an ad. It was more like a 4 minute long tutorial on how to use Windows 8, showing off all the major features as well as Rakuten's own app.

    I know that MS is often criticized for not showing the product in their ads, but this is too far in the opposite direction! Who in their right mind is going to sit through a dryly narrated tutorial for 4 minutes when what they're trying to do is watch a video of cute kittens or something? Even I didn't make it more than halfway (and I only got that far out of a sort of morbid fascination).

    This seems to be a thing with Japanese ads though. They're either exceedingly silly, or really really boring.

    To top it off, all of the transitions and animations looked really jerky. I don't know what device they used in that tutorial, but it seems to be powered by a potato.