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View Thread: ??? Surface is the next big thing????
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    , Hometoy wrote

    There can be a lot of factors for such changes too... maybe using a Surface is considered "rebellious" because everybody is using an iPad (including stogy old parents! yikes!) or Android.  Or maybe it could be that it looks very different.

    Apple style is fashion. People flock to it initially, but then at some point everyone has it, and then it becomes uncool. No one can stand out; thus, people abandon ship to get on the next wave, with the most loyal fans staying behind.

    What I don't understand is this feeling expressed by some that things will always stay the same, that companies that dominate the hearts of many will most likely continue to dominate. Things change (re: MS dominance)...heck, it can even be that Apple loses its mojo for a couple of years and regains it. Anything can happen.

    Why Surface? Maybe people actually do find Microsoft cool now (my i-loving friends in the HCI world do). Its brand index certainly suggests so.