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    , cbae wrote

    Nokia Drive (i.e. the navigation software) is a great app, as usability goes. However, I agree with @JohnAskew about Bing Maps. The turn-by-turn instructions (although requiring manual invocation) have been pretty rock-solid in terms of accuracy. Nokia Drive once had me driving around in circles while looking for the Santa Clara Microsoft Store, of all places.

    Until the turn-by-turn data gets updated and the software gets integrated into the local services, Nokia Maps/Drive can't replace Bing Maps.

    See, that's where I get confused. First, @JohnAskew said ATT Navigator, not Nokia Drive. If ATT Navigator had him driving in circles I don't see how it's relevant to this thread? Second, like I linked to, I thought WP8 was moving to Nokia Maps anyway. Not to mention Bing Maps has always been based on Navteq data, which is owned by Nokia.

    What, exactly, is the complaint here? If it's about data accuracy, I don't get it at all, because it's the same data (and it's better data than anyone else has, BTW, including Google). If it's about the features... Nokia Drive has more features. If it's an interface complaint, I'm not sure I can agree, but I'd like to hear specifically what it is people prefer? Right now, this thread seems to me like a reactionary complaint with no knowledge of the reality.