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£100 Android Phone (non-contract)!

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  • ManipUni

    Orange UK has been able to produce an Android phone for as little as £100. 3-megapixel camera, WiFi, touch screen, etc. All the normal "smart phone" features but "only" £100 and no contract required.This is a HUGE price decrease. The Samsung Saturn S is £450, and the iPhone is almost £600. If anything is going to kill the iPhone it will be the seriously cheap Android competition like this.

    I'm almost tempted to buy one.

    Now granted you get what you pay for, but the early reviews are very positive, with people saying it has lower build quality than a full priced phone but for the price you can hardly complain. The only downside I've seen is the horrible 9 hourstandby battery life.

    What do you guys think? Can Windows 7 compete with Android on price?

  • vesuvius

    The thing that really makes having a smartphone come alive is the always connected feature, receiving email, facebook, tweets and so on, as well as checking channel 9 for the latest.

    That is cheap to begin with, but they will get their money back later on.

    You can get a HTC desire for £20. I look at it as hire purchase at £10 a month, and £10 a month for a decent call/internet/text service.

    It has a 1gig processor, but the battery is utter rubbish if you use it to browse the internet, and if the standby for the phone you mention is as abysmal as you say it is, then you probably will need to charge it after browsing the internet for 15 minutes.

  • ManipUni

    While I agree with you, I think a £100 (+£10) Pay as You phone would work out cheaper in the long run than £20/month. Let's assume you purchased £10/month in Pay as You Go credit:

    Orange - £100 + £10 + £120 (12x10) = £230
    HTC Desire - £240 (12x20)

    And that assumes that the HTC Desire is "free" to purchase. Carephone Warhouse doesn't have a HTC Desire for less than £25/month and those are £70 to buy!

  • Ian2

    I got my wife a T-Mobile Pulse last XMAS PAYG for £100. 

    I've played with it quote a bit (and the phone) 

    It can't touch WP7 - its not in the same league.

  • Bass

    9 hour standby time is disgustingly bad.

  • W3bbo


    My 4 year-old PDA gets better standby time than that (and even that drains the battery when it's physically turned off).


    A "Smartphone" was traditionally a phone that let the user run arbitrary executable code, rather than featurephones were the user was restricted to whatever code the handset manufacturer or network provider put on it. The iPhone and WP7 bring us some middleground where the user is no-longer in complete control over their device, yet can run applications so long as they're approved by corporations that don't necessarily act in the user's interests.

    For that reason I don't under WP7 to be a true "smartphone" platform (and surprisingly, Microsoft seems to be downplaying the 'smartphone' keyword in association with WP7).

    So far, with no evidence of being able to break out of the patronising sandbox in WP7 I'm seriously considering getting an iPhone next (as my PDA's headphone jack is starting to wear down now) just out of principle. But there's a few months to go before I can afford it, which is enough time for WP7 to show it won't suck in my eyes, but I'm a hard man to please.

    As an aisde, there are rumours Apple is coming out with an updated iPhone before Q4 in 2010 to fix the antennae problems and possibly with more storage; and if not, I can wait until June 2011 for the iPhone 5, and you know by then WP7 will look considerably dated in comparison.

  • Bass

    The official specifications say 9 days standby time.

  • Bass


    ,Ian2 wrote

    I got my wife a T-Mobile Pulse last XMAS PAYG for �100. 

    I've played with it quote a bit (and the phone) 

    It can't touch WP7 - its not in the same league.

    Yeah I agree. Android simply can not be compared to WP7. Wink

  • Ian2

    Be careful, I'm comparing a year old £100 Android phone with my shiny new WP7 device, I would not expect it to be able to compete (and it doesn't).  That said, I would like to see a comparison of the two O/S running on the same hardware.  (But yes, I think WP7 usability would show as being superior)

  • Skriker V1.0

    @ManipUni: It says 9 "days" standby

  • ManipUni

    ,Skriker V1.0 wrote

    @ManipUni: It says 9 "days" standby

    Thanks. I would feel like an idiot, but it was "9 hours" on the link where I read about it. Even now. Thanks for correcting me. I think I might buy one.

    Also, re-"Windows 7" is in a different league, yes it is absolutely but it is also in a different price league. I cannot help but wonder if the Walmart of the world is going to be a lot more successful than the high end boutique.

  • Ian2

    @ManipUni:Steve J seems to be doing OK at the moment, (I'm guessing there is plenty of room left in there - the walmart stuff can come later).

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