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I need a straight answer

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    Hi all,
    I've read numerous posts about winxp sp2 and the IE popup blocker. I have yet to try sp2, but I am interested in the change, since it may require me to make changes to my site.

    I've been getting contradictory information from the sources I've been monitoring, and the MS page dedicated to the topic is a little sparse on information.

    Here are the 3 questions I need a straight answer to.

    Assuming that the popups on my site are initiated by the user (they click on a link or button)...

    1) Can I open a popup that contains only a titlebar and status bar (that is to say, NO address bar or toolbar)?

    2) If I launch a normal window (with all the toolbars etc) will hitting F11 go to a fullscreen that contains only a titlebar and status bar? Or will it simply maximize the window?

    3) Can the user resize a popup so that it is larger than the parent IE window?

    I know people are getting tired of this topic, but I am very interested in getting these specific questions answered so that I can make some modifications to my site.

    Thank you for your help,

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    Answer to 1, 2 & 3:

    Full screen has been DRASTICALLY altered in SP2. Count on a status bar ( that literally does nothing) and a top bar with address and x - et-all on all http:// instances of FS.

    SP2 RC2 made local versions function as they use to - but they have still dis-allowed most instances of FS - even for their own PowerPoint users ( web versions)

    I suggest you search this site for sp2 and fullscreen - and read all my ramblings - and others comments.

    for sure theres been lots discussed and argued over

    as it turns out - mozilla now offers the feature IE took away from us

    go figure

    PS - users CANNOT CHOOSE to initiate a FS popup - youll get 2 BARS

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    i should also mention that although sp2 rc2 "fixed" local full screen - it is significantly changed - example:

    < business man walks into board room>

    - open laptop
    - open web based powerpoint
    - click "slide show"
    - agree to yellow bar allowing the content
    - agree to the "yes i'm sure" box
    - FS ppt opens with YELLOW BAR: "allow?"
    - click yellow bar - allow? - yes
    - Box comes up "are you sure?"
    - business man says "yes" powerpoint opens fullscreen
    - Businessman looks up
    - client long gone


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    Thanks for your help Jamie. I'm modifying my popup windows to accommodate the changes.

    Now, if I have a user click on a link that launches the following popup:,"gamewindow","toolbar=no,directories=no,

    Will this work?

    It should have a titlebar, a statusbar, but no scrollbars, no toolbar, and no address bar. And I need its size to be 790x525.


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    i didnt copy out your code and check it but it appears you are ok with a menu bar and status bar..

    its when you DONT want those you will run into problems

    ie: kiosk mode    RIP

    * check out mozilla - after 8 years its avail!

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    How about the width and height. I have read that sp2 will limit the size of a new window so that it will always be smaller than the parent window. Is that true? If so, can the user resize it to be larger than the parent window (I'm assuming they can).


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    on many of my interfaces - wherein i specified bottom hieght to be -0 or 0 or whatever it is - it floats BELOW (hidden) the newly imposed status bar

    ms have clearly not thought out the ramifications of changing features that have been in wide use for over 5 + years

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