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Source Code Wiki ?

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    when i first came to this site i had never heard of a wiki - so i checked it out- i posted some bugs - never went back.

    idea: - is there such thing as a portal html source code wiki?

    obviously - users / members would have to work there way up to getting access to it - as it could literally take the site down by a malicious user - but thats what i like about the Wiki - it involves community building and mainly TRUST

    what if it was the source for this site - and i had access - and i changed the 3 column left pics - to be 2 columns

    if someone didnt like it they could turn it back?

    or if everyone liked it it could be "voted" back?

    i just think a wiki is "ok" for a live text doc - but it could be great for companys web code -  or is it not possible?


    * so there would need to be a small "wiki icon" created - and it would appear on every page.  users could change the html code - hopefully their profile would load their changes - there would also be a most popular wiki layouts page - so you could load other users changes if you chose.. just thinkin...

    ** yes this is like a "Source Safe" app - but those are ALL TOO HARD

    imagine wiki - as the end users customizable cookie driven pref

    want to change the screen width on yahoo? - you can - want to share your "mod"? you can etc

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    You completely stole my idea... I posted this on this site a while ago and then again mentioned open-sourcing the site. Effectively you have stolen two of my ideas and joined them into one big stolen idea.. :-/

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    I was only kidding.. clearly if we both come up with the same idea (shifty-eyes) it must be a good one and worth while considering.

    I will say that for a site a patch submission system would be more effective than live real time modification (imagine the up-time!!).

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    err.. manip - if i did - a) im sorry ( i dont ever remember reading it) - and b) then lets hope someone does it

    i dont think i stole anything
    i just think the wiki thing would be like rss for regular users in web preferences - even though they cant even work rss yet

    BTW - i do work at mwp ( ) and i was asking THEM about wiki for sourse code..

    i have no idea what your refering too - other that its a neat way to spin wiki

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    bottom line:  wiki for text lists is umm.. boring

    wiki for web code is... EXCITING! it even possible???

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    ps - to manip - if you said "they should open source this portal" they should !

    to me this whole thing is stupid ( sorry to use such a negative word) if i were building it - i would have looked to the top Open source asp portals - and offered the channel 9 "feeds" as a Windows like happy virus ( a virus you want) so at Soop or Max or other portals that have specifically opted for MS tech ( asp / aspx) theyd get rewarded.

    * i could just go to MWP - and get full portable Channel 9 -

    problem is - MS jsut doesnt get the user portal - nuclear family - alvin toffler 3rd wave thing

    maybe they will soon - they better..
    ( ms - read "The Third Wave" by alvin toffler)

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    Interesting idea Jamie. Try it!


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    /Lars! if i was a programmer i WOULD Wink

    need a logo? haha

    * seriously - Droiyan - ( mwp) wrote me an rss parser - stuff from C9 / winbeta / MWP coming in wacky at moment

    when we get it working all will run at

    ** ...and thats just for bringing selected sites together..

    to do the wiki source idea - i have NO idea..
    just that it would be cool if it was possible

    = edit any page you like - HOW you like

    have cookie - will travel?

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    this is why passport should have been free - ie; we all would have used it - and stuff like this ms could make possible; traveling cookies

    so would that mean:

    - the site and its source goes into a mutable holding area

    - that ANY user - using the MS Windows code to call wiki for source can change stuff - and all other sites supporting MS Wiki support this?

    hard thing to do but it would be so cool
    talk about LOCK in haha

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    Don't clog your own posts with your own replies... please.

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    Agreed, that is what the Edit button is for Smiley

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    What you're describing is not that far away from what a source control system with a web-based front-end does (except for the voting).

    I don't think SourceSafe allows for this, but systems like Subversion, CVS, and Perforce certainly do.

    Here's a real-live example:
    This is the source code for the Subversion open source project.

    It is using ViewCVS running on top of Subversion.  ViewCVS is a web-based front end that lets you browse the revision history of the files.  You can see the diffs between different revisions and look at old revisions.

    The web based front end doesn't let you check-in changes to the repository.  For that you need to download/install the Subversion client.  You could also install TortoiseSVN, which is extremely easy to use.

    I guess if a person finds souce control too difficult to use, would you want them to be able to touch YOUR source code?  (I wouldn't)

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    Here's someone talking about bacially the same idea.

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