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    I'm not using the built in functionality in .net b/c the service is hidden. I can't reference the service b/c the service cannot be discovered. We have purchased a product from Cognos that is kind of buggy. Our drill thru reports fail on occasion until we open and resave the report. This resave action is this soap request I'm working on, but they want me to do it manually, using a web browser that uses ActiveX controls to submit this soap request. So, I've used fiddler to discover the soap request so that I can submit it automatically. The Object explorer does not say you can set the headers, it only says you can get them (but this is at the HttpWebRequest level). At the WebRequest level, you can both get and set them. I didn't see this at first.

    Since this post doesn't belong here, is it possible to delete it all together. I will not post this type of post to this forum again.