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Help request - Outlook 2003

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    I switched from express for the junk mail filter

    so.. lets say i get an email i dont want - example: Dotster newsletter.

    So - i drag it in to the Junk Mail folder

    I take this to mean that i dont want any emails from dotster ever again

    But i still get them

    What am i doing wrong?

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    Right click on the message and select "Add Sender to Blocked Senders list" from the Junk Email flyout menu.

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    From the help file:

    "The filter does not single out any particular sender or type of e-mail message. The filter is based on the content of the message in general and uses advanced analysis of the message structure to determine the probability that it is a junk e-mail message."

    So, that means they're probably doing some sort of Bayesian analysis or something to figure out what's junk and what's not. These filters work great, once you've trained them. After you get a decent sample of junk mail into the folder, it will be pretty darn reliable.

    Just remember to check it every once in a while for false positives Smiley

    As the previous poster said, if you want all mail from dotster to stop right now, you can explicitly mark those mails a junk.

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    thanks Smiley

    * you would think it would do that automatically

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    one last question... re: "automatically"

    new example - i get 10 emails - all in a row - they are all spam

    i hold shift to select them all - and drag into the junk mail folder

    This should mean - i am telling the application - anything else from these senders - goes in junk.

    As described above - ** as there is no selecting multiple emails (and still get the junk options on flyout) - i am suppose to right click every email - and tell it to add to block senders list?

    this is very silly

    please make the default - if i drag stuff in to junk folder - it is to be treated as junk - and not expect me to go through the many many many spams - message by message to right click.

    as for all the other options in there - im guessing the majority of non corporate users would ever need any of them.. its junk or its not

    would this not make things faster, more intuative and simpler?

    * at least pop a window up?  Would you like to have all messages from these address/users always go in Junk mail folder?  Yes No - dont ask me again

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    Question for you - do you get a lot of spam from the same email addresses? With my spam these days, all of the From addresses are random and spoofed and they don't repeat.

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    jamie that case why have the folder at all Wink

    i just think - if i make an action - or a group of actions ( dragging selected emails into a folder called "Junk Mail Folder" ( sorry to sound so Michael Moore haha) - that it should KNOW that its junk...

    If one of my friends gets lost in the shuffle - probably due to an inapropriately titled email - thats fine - we'll get to the bottom of it

    but the default should be:  drag and drop = it goes here.

    at least if possible - user invoked option? - Thank you Smiley 

    ps - and if they do indeed repeat over and over, at least i know im deleting them as fast as they come in - without clicking on each and every one individually

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    I have an answer...pull the phone cord out of the wall.  No more e-mail then.

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    I don't think they're using a bayesian filter. If so, it would improve itself automatically and Outlook would probably have a "Mark as junk" option to help the bayesian filter in classification junk and not junk. And if it's a bayesian filter there would be no need to update it regularly via office update.

    I really would like to have a bayesian filter in Outlook. I'm using Mozilla Thunderbird at home and it's much better in filtering Spam than Outlook 2003.


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    Indeed, it's sort of bayesian, but not on your suggestions. Check out the following for info on how it really works:" target="_blank">

    Also, while dragging into the folder doesn't mark sender, but marking sender does move into junk folder.


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    Part of me wonders how somebody can have that much spare time on their hands... but, it's a nice analysis!

    I stand corrected on that feature. Thanks.

    BTW, I use PopFile as a proxy for my email. It's a Bayesian filter, and it is far more effecive than anything else I've tried, and trivial to set up.

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    I used popfile for awhile. It was pretty good at SPAM and I started teaching it to recognize other kinds of mail too.

    Now that I have Outlook 2k3 (yah Home use program: I just use it's junk filter. It's pretty good for my account but I only get about 10 spam a week.

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    I get somewhere on the order of 500 spam/day, so I really needed a strong solution. Popfile does a great job of it.

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